I’m a huge homebody and everyone knows that but nothing gets you out of the house more than having kids. Now that Xavier & Arien have entered teenage-dom, they don’t really want to go out much and especially not with their mother. Luckily King doesn’t know any better and still thinks I’m pretty cool. You would think that winter in Toronto would have me hibernating (I really hate the cold) but there’s so much to explore and so much I want him to see.. At least a few times a week, we go for a stroll around the block and when events like the recent Toronto Christmas Market come along, you better believe that we’ll be right there to see it all. Thing is, the weather isn’t so great so we do what we can to keep warm. I’ve found some awesome items every mom needs when on the go with their baby or toddler. After all, we want these little explorers to tire out so we can nap to! Or maybe that’s just me?


 Skip Hop Stroll & Go on Call Hand Muff  | This hand muff is genius, and I cannot wait to pick it up. I can keep up with my social media while keeping my hands warm while pushing the stroller.

Skip Hop Carseat Cover | We used from birth and well into this winter season. Skip the blankets, they fall off, get bulky and not the safest for your little babe. I love that this slips over any car seat and keeps baby warm without having to fuss much.

 Skip Hop Stroll & Go Three-Season Foot Muff | Can you tell that I’m a fan of this brand? This was my most recent purchase and it’s been amazing at keeping King warm especially during our long walks.


And nothing is cuter than seeing little babies in their snow suit! How amazing are these? Click here for more.

& Let’s not forget about our Mama’s! Here’s how I like to keep warm.


Job Site Hand Warmers | Thigh High Leg Warmers | Fleece Lined Leggings | Blanket Scarf | Ear Muffs

So tell me, do you brave the cold just to get your babe out of the house for a little bit in the winter? What are some of your tips for keeping warm?