Well, it’s been 3 months. Where has the time gone? I still remember bringing King home and feeling so overwhelmed but since this isn’t my first rodeo… I came prepared. I’ve been asked by a lot of new and soon-to-be moms what some of my tips are when dealing with a newborn and all I could say is, make your life easier and have a baby kit ready. Having a c-section, (which I will be sharing more about my recovery in a separate post), I could not move much so having everything within arms reach was necessary. I had a baby kit in the rooms I would spend most of my time, my bedroom & living room.

So what’s in my baby kit? Basically, your essentials to get through the day. I like to keep a basket by my bedside or on the couch with the following:

  • Diapers
  • Wipes
  • Vaseline
  • Burp Cloths
  • Swaddle Blanket
  • Pacifier
  • Hand Sanitizer

In my room, I’ll also throw in my prenatal vitamins and Vitamin D drops as I’m breastfeeding and don’t want to forget. Also some gripe water or colic drops because King was a bit gassy the first 2 months.

Another must have in my books is a co-sleeper bassinet. We love this one from Summer Infant that we received for our baby shower. It comes so handy as I could have King inside without worrying about him on our bed and we easily take this into our living room as well. We use this daily for his naps and it’s been a blessing.



Another essential by my bedside is my breast pump. I love love love my electric pump from Lansinoh, it works incredibly well and is a fraction of the cost of a Medela. I did my research and found that most women felt this worked so much better, so I picked it up on Amazon and I don’t regret it one bit. I’ve been using this baby daily. I love the electric one because I can dose off a bit while pumping. Here’s a little hack I’d like to share with you. Instead of straining your arms to hold your pump bottles up or buying that breast pump holder at a ridiculous cost, I literally took an old sports bra and cut two holes in it. I’m able to pump hands free, which means a better time dosing off for the next 15-20 mins. A tube top would also work and is probably easier to take on and off. :)

During the first few weeks, I was still trying to get my milk to come in so we did supplement with formula. I wasn’t about to splurge on a bottle warmer and the one we received as a gift was so difficult to use. Who has time to figure out the right amount of water to heat up a bottle? I stumbled upon a thermos in my cupboard one day and was thrilled when I realised that my bottle fit perfectly inside. Every night, I would boil water and have the thermos ready. When we needed to heat up a bottle we would just place it in and in a minute or two, I would have a perfectly warmed bottle. I kept this thermos right by my bedside along with his formula. The thermos stayed hot enough for 2-3 feedings which was a bonus! We also use this when we go out and about and I can’t always whip out the boob.

The first three months with a newborn can be extremely trying. You’re sleep deprived and the last thing you want to do is get up in the middle of the night for anything. If you prepare just a few things and make a routine out of it, you can get through this! I believe in you Mama! Also, I am a firm believer in Daddy waking up also. Sure, maybe he has work in the morning but a baby is work too. The hubby and I have come to an agreement and he has to at least feed the baby once at night (I have an overstock of breast milk in the freezer that he uses) and he also has to change diapers whenever he is home. Listen, I had to hold that baby in for all of those months, get stretchmarks, go through labour and get sliced open. It’s the least he can do. :) That way, you can get at least 4-5 hrs of sleep which makes a world of difference.

Every newborn baby and every experience is different. Since King is my third, I’ve found these things to be extremely helpful and has allowed me to get back into the groove of being a mum to a newborn.