DSC06198 It’s safe to say that I share a lot of King on social media. Maybe even overshare at times… and it’s not because I want to show off my baby or that I’m looking for some sort of attention but it’s because I want to re-live these moments over and over and over again. I do save every video of him and re-watch them with his dad or brothers or sometimes by myself and cry a little or a lot  at how much he’s grown. I’ve been asked so many times which camera I use and I thought I’d share a few of my must haves for making and keeping those special memories.

While I do capture many moments on my phone, it’s important for me to take quality images and videos so that they last a lifetime. When his brothers were younger, I would try to capture as much footage of them as I could but made the mistake of not backing things up. Here I am, years later with only a few videos of them on YouTube and whatever photos I managed to print before losing everything. I highly recommend to not only back things up on your computer but also onto an external hard drive like this one or cloud storage.  It’s so easy to take with you on the go and you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your photos and videos are in a safe place. Another on-the-go external storage I like to have on hand is one for my phone because I always run out of room so it’s nice to pull this out and transfer anything that I need.

Speaking of on-the-go… I love love love my Sony A5100 Camera, it’s been my ride or die for a few years now and I have absolutely no complaints. Great quality photos and the flip up selfie lens is so clutch for days when my makeup is looking fierce. But sometimes, I love the instant gratification of having photos right in my hands… so I always reach for my Instax Mini or to easily print photos from my phone on my HP Sprocket. I can go a little overboard on the printing, but can you blame me? It’s so cute to have these little printables!

Sony A5100 | Seagate External Hard Drive |HP Sprocket | Instax Mini | Difini External Storage

Have you ever lost your precious photos or videos? How do you like to capture and save moments with your little ones?