I know, I know… I’ve already had my baby so why talk about my third trimester? Well, how can I finish off my pregnancy story without talking about the last part of it all. Let’s just say that it did not get any easier for me. Then again, this pregnancy was far from easy at all. I’ll keep this post short and say that my third trimester was hell. Okay, maybe I’m being a little over dramatic but I was ready to get it over with physically. Mentally, I still was not ready.

The pains just seemed to get worse. I was peeing every 30 mins to 1 hour. Heck, I’ll say it… there were a few times that I didn’t even make it to the bathroom without having a small accident. My panty drawer was locked and loaded for these wild nights. Turning in bed was more painful and I could not as much times as I tried touch my thighs together… The best way I could describe the pain is that my pelvis felt like someone kicked me a few hundred times there.

Despite the pain, I continued to work. I guess because while I’m working… I’m not focusing on the pain. I’m doing something that I love… I did slow down and stopped taking on any new clients… I was pretty sad the day of my last wedding for the year. Braxton hicks contractions were coming in more frequently and I could not walk around more than 30 mins before being exhausted or in pain. There were days when I slept quite a bit but then there were days that felt like the insomnia would never go away. Could this have been anxiety or my body just preparing for lack of sleep?

The most difficult part was that I felt space was getting tight and that King did not have much more room to move around. Every time he did move or kick me, it hurt. A lot. It hurt so much it felt as though someone was sitting or stepping onto my stomach. Third pregnancies are no joke. They were not kidding when they told me this was going to be more difficult, especially that I’m not in my early twenties baring a child.

Besides the pain, I went into full nesting mode. These last few months really felt like crunch time. I had his crib, diapers, wipes, clothing and other necessities ready because I wanted to be the most comfortable when he arrives. I also tried my best to get rid of the clutter in the home and get prepared for a new type of clutter. sigh… 


While this pregnancy has been physically and mentally exhausting, I’m so happy to have little King here. He’s absolutely precious. I cannot wait to share with you his birth story. Stay tuned.