This pregnancy post will be quite graphic and descriptive so if you don’t have the stomach for this then please don’t read.

Very few people know this but if you follow me on snapchat (LeloTheArtist) you may have seen that I was in the hospital about 2 weeks ago. For the first time in the pregnancy I had the biggest scare of my life.. This was something completely different and nothing like I’ve ever experienced before.

To give you a little back story, I have been bleeding on and off throughout this pregnancy. It started at about 11 weeks with some light spotting but my doctor informed me that it may not be anything but if it progresses or if I noticed any clots or cramping to head to the emergency immediately. At 14 weeks, there was bleeding again, but my stomach was cramping a bit so I made my way to the hospital only to be discharged a few hours later. They did numerous blood tests, urine and an ultrasound and did find that I had a small ovarian cyst (absolutely normal for me) and a small uterine fibroid, this however did not explain any of the bleeding that I was having. I was told to simply stay in bed anytime there was bleeding but because it was so early in the pregnancy there was absolutely nothing that could be done. I did my best to not get upset but did follow the doctors orders and stayed in bed until the bleeding stopped. I should mention that the bleeding was heaviest every time I went to the bathroom… not a good sight to see when there’s a toilet full of blood. I never used up a pad since it would be light throughout the day. The bleeding would last about 2-3 days tops.

Every few weeks from then, there had been spotting that would last for a day or so but I did not want to head to the hospital only to be discharged again. Of course, the worst always came to mind. What if I lose the baby? I had to mentally prepare myself for the this. I tried my best to relax, which does not come easy for me… and not take on too much work… my boys and the hubby also did their best to make sure I was as comfortable and happy as possible.

Fast forward to 21 weeks. I woke up with an immense pain in my stomach. I could not stop crying and at this point the bleeding was heavier then it’s ever been. I called my doctor’s office and was informed to immediately go to the labour and delivery ward. I’m so grateful that one of my best friends was in the area to drive me 30 mins to the hospital since the hubby just started a new job and I did not want him to leave work.

So there I was, stuck in labour and delivery, getting admitted, giving urine samples which managed to get tainted with lots of blood, getting my blood drawn and waiting, lots of waiting…. I arrived as the ultrasound tech left for the day so they had to call him back to come and do the test for me. I was asked many personal questions about my health and even if I had any sex prior to coming to the hospital… and yes, 2 days before we did. The OB then did a vaginal exam and pulled out what was a huge, and I kid you not it was a palm sized blood clot. I’m not easily grossed out so I asked to see it. She said it was probably old blood that had been pooling and clotted so that was why I was mainly bleeding when I went to the bathroom as it would excrete itself out. Was this because of the sex? She assured me that having sex is perfectly fine during pregnancy and shouldn’t have caused this but we need to lay off of it for few weeks… Let’s just say the Hubby was not impressed but understood haha. After my ultrasound was done I was told that my cervix may be short at 2.4 cm where the cut off is 2.5 cm. The OB did not agree with the test since she checked me vaginally and said it was long. All of my other tests showed that baby and I were extremely healthy and doing well so I was discharged from the hospital.

The following day, I met with my personal OB and she gave me rather scary news. She informed me that if my cervix is short it’s something to worry about as I could possibly go into early labour. At 21 weeks there was not much they could do because the baby would not survive. There is a chance at 23-24 weeks but even then, the baby would be severely underdeveloped. “I do not want you to have this baby for at least another 10 weeks!” If it continued to shorten, I would have to be admitted to the hospital until the baby was born. I did another vaginal exam and she found more blood clots… not surprised but not reassured either. I was prescribed progesterone to try to keep my cervix from getting any shorter and the I think Ali Wong described this best when she said you have to “push pop” this pill up your vagina. Not so fun. And then came the bed rest, which is the worst when you’ve watched everything good on Netflix. The next few days were extremely boring.

A week later, I went in for another scheduled ultrasound. I feel like I can’t even count how many ultrasounds I’ve had during this pregnancy anymore. This time, they added a trans-vaginal ultrasound to the mix. If you’re unfamiliar, they take a large probe and insert it vaginally to measure your cervix. Not fun at all. Can I tell you that I waited an hour and a half to get into my appointment!! & you’re required to have a full bladder. Do you know what it’s like to have a tired, pregnant woman hold her pee for that long? Needless to say I was full of rage but after I peed I was all smiles again. TMI but all that gel and lube slathered all over from both ultrasounds made me feel all sorts of dirty… but when your pregnant, nothing really phases you anymore. At the end of it, so many people will have seen you naked it you stop caring.

Anyways, back to the important stuff. I headed straight to my OB as requested after my ultrasound. She went over the results and told me my ultrasounds came back good and since the bleeding had stopped I could come off bed rest. AMAZING NEWS! I have another ultrasound today, same deal and if things are all clear then I can go back to normal. I’ve been talking to baby a lot and warning telling him to make sure he stays put until November. He’s responded by kicking me tons and making sure I can’t sleep at night. All good signs, I’m sure. 

Cross your fingers for me today. I have extremely high hopes that the rest of the pregnancy will be just fine. While the bleeding still cannot be explained, I’m happy to say that Baby is healthy and growing.