Today marks 36 weeks since this pregnancy journey began for us. It’s amazing to know that in just two weeks (scheduled C-section on November 9th) we’ll be holding our baby boy. It feels like it’s been forever and too soon at the same time. Knowing that this pregnancy will soon come to an end is so bittersweet. I’ve also been reflecting a lot on my previous pregnancies and cannot believe how different they all were. I know, I know…  all pregnancies are different. But this time it’s been a completely new learning curve which made the feeling of starting all over more real.



Let’s take it back to when I was 18. This was the time I was pregnant with Xavier… Let me tell you, I had no clue I was pregnant. I still had, what I believed to be my period. It took nearly 3 months and a trip to the hospital to find out.. I had surgery to remove an ovarian cyst. Crazy story, but kinda gross so I’ll spare you the details. I was very young and just had no clue that I was pregnant. Then again, I was told different things prior to finding out. Long story. Any who, back to my pregnancy… this was by far the easiest pregnancy I ever had. Besides a few sharp pains every now and then, it was smooth sailing. I had no pregnancy symptoms besides being extremely emotional all of the time. I gained about 50 lbs (went from 89 lbs-140 lbs) and was swollen with water weight all over. Thankfully, I dropped that weight after breastfeeding. My water broke at 34.5 weeks but Xavier came out a whopping 7.4lbs. Not bad for a preemie. Having my water break early was very scary because I didn’t know that was actually a thing. It just gushed out in the middle of the night and labour pains came on shortly after. Once they realized he was breached, they rushed me in to have an emergency C-section. Not a fun experience and painful recovery.

During my C-section with Arien

Fast forward to my second pregnancy with Arien. This was also a smooth pregnancy. I was still young so again, I didn’t feel too much besides a sharp pain every now and then. Absolutely no pregnancy symptoms whatsoever. Only thing was this time, I knew I was pregnant the second I missed my period. There was a scare with some spotting at 5 months but after an ultrasound and some tests, that turned out to be nothing. This time, weight gain was slightly less, only 26 lbs with no swelling. My C-section was also much easier. I had a scheduled C-section planned and since my last pregnancy was so close to this one, I knew what to expect. My doctor was also there this time to deliver Arien and that made me feel more at ease.

Now that I’m on my third pregnancy, 11 years later… the difference is insane. I mean, just read my last few posts… here, here and here. It’s not only hard on me physically but also mentally and emotionally. It’s definitely been a huge rollercoaster ride the last 36 weeks. While I’ve been told I look amazing and my belly is small, I did have a final ultrasound today to check on baby and he’s quite big. I won’t say how big just yet. If you remember previously, I lost about 12 lbs but then went back to my normal weight now finally gained an extra 8 lbs. I can already start to see my cheeks getting chubbier. Sigh… I’ll have to update you fully on my third trimester. Let’s just say, it hasn’t gotten any easier. Stay tuned.

Nightly Father & Son bonding. My loves. ❤ Reposting since it got deleted.

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