Back in February, Pantene invited me along with some of my favourite Toronto beauty influencers to learn about how a few simple morning routines can help to fuel us from the inside out. We were also introduced to their biggest breakthrough in 30 years. The latest to their Daily Moisture Renewal line, Dream Care. After learning about all that went into this from Pantene’s very own Principal Scientist, I was more than thrilled to go home and wash my hair.


While shampooing your hair is meant to take off all the sweat, grime, hair products and whatever else is left in there… sometimes it can do more harm than good by stripping away all of the essentials that your hair needs to stay healthy and strong. Think about the damage done after years of washing your hair. After 15 years of research and 22 patents later, Pantene has really stepped up their game with this formulation. What’s different about the Dream Care line is that it really transforms how your hair feels, fueling it from the inside out.  Not only does it cleanse, but it infuses active lipids and antioxidants which really penetrates deep into the hair. I noticed a tremendous difference after the first wash. Not only was my hair silky smooth, but there was little to no tangled strands even before applying conditioner. My hair was silky smooth to the touch and I don’t think I’ve ever seen it this shiny in years. Hallelujah!

You may have seen me mention before that Pantene was my first ‘big girl’ shampoo. I’ve been committed since the 90’s and after 20 years of use, this truly is remarkable. I love how my hair looks and the fact that I can just wash and go is a bonus! Because what Mom with a baby has time to do her hair? Not only that, but no matter how hard King pulls on my hair, it does not break. :) There’s hope for me after all. 



Have you tried Pantene’s latest breakthrough? What are your thoughts?








*I received these product(s) for consideration. As always, these are my honest opinions. I really love it guys!*