I’ve never been much of an advocate of celebrating Valentine’s day in our relationship because to me, it’s really just any other day. I guess he scored on this hallmark holiday when he met me. But for as long as I can remember I kinda did my own thing. Whether it’s vegging out at home and watching Netflix, having a crazy dance out session while I clean or trying my best to relax… all I ever ask is for the boys to leave me for a few hours to simply do me. Listen, being a mom of 3 boys is so chaotic, I can’t even begin to tell you and those few, peaceful hours to myself is absolute bliss! Whether your single or not, I think it’s important to always show yourself more love. We often forget that we too need to take care of ourselves more and while we can allow our significant other to spoil us on this romantic day, here are some of my tips for being your own Valentine ♥



  1. Get everyone out of the house. There’s nothing that can ruin my zen more than a screaming baby scratching at my leg because if Mommy won’t hold him no one else can. Tell your s/o to gather all the kids and get them the hell outta there. And no, you can’t get them ready — he has to learn somehow. It’s not your day to be a super hero. You just stay put in bed and try your best to sleep in a little. Make sure they know not to come back for a minimum of 5 hours. You’ll need it.
  2. Buy yourself flowers. There’s something about fresh flowers that really brightens up my mood. It instantly makes the room prettier and almost makes me feel like I have some piece of feminism in this male dominated household.
  3. Forget the chores. Leave this for the Hubby to get to later on… I know this gives me total anxiety too… because he’ll probably just mess everything up but maybe he won’t! & If you absolutely must… make sure you blast the music up and dance it out cause girl… I know how stressful cleaning can be. Love using the Amazon Echo to make it fun. Add on an extra hour for the kids to be out of the house too.
  4. Get out & do something for you. Go to the gym, get your hair did, take a cooking class — anything that is specifically to you for 1-2 hours.
  5. Take a bath. It’s time to relax so what better way than to soak in a hot bath full of Ahava Natural Dead Sea bath salts.
  6. Tend to your skin. For all those days that you’ve forgotten to wash your face, take your makeup off or moisturize, now’s the time to make up for it. I love to throw on a detoxifying mask like Glam Glow’s Super-Mud and deep clean my pores and then I also follow this with their Thirsty Mud mask to re-hydrate.
  7. Throw on something comfy. Seriously when no one is around, I walk around the house naked. No shame here.
  8. Put on your best face. You may think that since everyone is gone, the last thing you want to do is throw some makeup on but I truly believe in the power of makeup. A little brow gel, concealer, mascara and lipstick can go a long way.
  9. Take some selfies. Seriously, when’s the last time you got some cute photos of you and not your kids? I’m seriously guilty of this and almost always have to plan out a selfie day cause you know out of 100 shots there’s only one I’ll love. I use the Sony A5100 because it comes with a handy flip screen to see myself and then I transfer it straight to my phone and it’s instagram ready.
  10. Netflix and Chill. Grab some popcorn, pick a show and just simply veg out. I’ve been loving Altered Carbon on Netflix — It’s soooo good. Have you seen it?


I absolutely love being my own Valentine and I hope after you’ve given yourself a little more attention, you’ll love it too. Hopefully somewhere in between you also get to throw in a nap because it’s necessary. And by no means am I saying not to celebrate this with your s/o … if they want to spoil you to pieces let them!