Halloween is a big deal in my family but the boys are getting older and getting into the ‘I’m too cool to dress up’ phase.. although they know me and they have no choice really. Luckily, I have Baby King to dress up in the cutest costumes each year until he’s too cool for it too. The fact that his birthday is only a few days before Halloween makes things even more exciting and considering he’s turning one, you know very well we were having a dress up party. The hardest part about planning his first birthday was what does he wear? Not to be biased but he looks so darn cute in everything! It took us a while and thank goodness for Amazon Prime because we got the perfect costume just in time for his special day. (sneak peak below!)

I’ve rounded up some of the cutest costumes for your babes and if you as indecisive like me, you’ll love that you can scoop these up just in time for Halloween. Do you think it’s excessive if I get multiple costumes for him to wear? Hah! I shouldn’t even ask…

Superman | Basketball Player | Bear | Astronaut | Pinky Winky Monster | Lion Cub

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