Wow, can you believe it’s been 4 months since I had King?! Time seems to go twice as fast when you have a baby. I’ve wanted to share this story, well… since he was born, but I don’t know why I never did. It’s probably that good old Mommy brain that has me forgetting everything all the time. It’s real people! Don’t let anyone tell you any different. Okay, so I guess I should start from the beginning…

The days prior to having King, I was having major Braxton Hicks contractions. They were coming on more frequently, I’d say at least 1 per hour. I’ve experienced them for the majority of my pregnancy so I did what I always did, ignored it. I carried on about my business and spent the last two days of freedom with my good friend who was also pregnant. Because if I’m going to suffer, it might as well be with someone who knows and feels what I’m going through.  We had a moment in Costco where we were out of breathliterally sitting on the floor and complaining about how bad our Braxton Hicks contractions felt as we pet shearling rugs to make us feel better. We must’ve looked crazy The following day we did the same thing at Denny’s. Just complain… not pet rugs on the floor. One thing I don’t miss about pregnancy :)

Now, I should’ve known something was up because that night I went into labour. The hubby went out for the night with a friend and the boys were fast asleep. I had a lot of me time and decided to pamper myself with a long, hot shower… shave my legs, put on a face mask and slather my body in coconut oil… my skin was so dry during my pregnancy. I had the most relaxing night and of course fell fast asleep. A few hours later, about 2:45am, I woke up with a lot of pressure. Didn’t think much of it and thought it’s probably just me needing to pee really badly. This is a little TMI, but I wiped and noticed blood. Again, didn’t think much of it considering I have bled a few times before during my pregnancy but… I  looked in the toilet to see that it was full of blood. I immediately screamed ‘Babe! Get up! Get up! We gotta go! I’m in labour!!! … He was in a complete daze, having only gotten home an hour prior and having me wake him up. While I did have King’s things packed, I didn’t pack anything for myself. I told Hubby to start timing my contractions and by this point it was about 5 minutes apart. Okay, I’ve got time! So I start packing my bag for what I knew would be 2-3 days of hospital stay. Surprisingly, we were both extremely calm and enjoyed that quiet time together in the car.

By the time we get to the hospital, it’s 4:30am… I was only 1cm dilated and there was no reason to rush anything. Again, lots of time! My water had not broken and the bleeding was from a rupture in the mucus plug. eww… Contractions are still going strong every 5 minutes. While we waited for the blood work to come back, I messaged the girls and my manager at work and pretty much said ‘…can someone cover my shift tonight? I’m kinda having my baby!’ … We also messaged a few of our friends and family to let them in on the good news. :) At 7am, my nurse told me that it looked like I would likely have King any time between 10am – noon. My doctor, who was my second doctor since my original doctor had also had a baby, came to see how I was doing but let me know that she would not be there for my c-section but the on-call doctor would. I was pretty upset about this… but what was I to do. At 7:30am my nurse came back and said my blood work came back but my anesthesiologist was busy with another delivery and it’s still going to be a while so ‘hang tight’.  At 8:15, she came back and surprisingly said.. ‘Okay, we’re taking you in now!’… wait, what?! That was fast!  I should let you know that I barely slept and none of this felt real to me. Even when they took me into the cold surgery room, prepped me and gave me my spinal, I asked ‘Is this really happening or am I dreaming?’. To my surprise, my doctor came in and let me know that she was going to assist the on-call doctor which was amazing to have someone who’s familiar with me in the room.

They brought Hubby in after I was nice and numb from my chest down and he sat right beside my head. We were both half asleep and because the spinal completely relaxed my body I was even sleepier during the entire surgery. We wanted to time how long the process took and what felt like hours was only 5 mins. King was born at 8:51am on October 27th, 2016. Daddy had the camera ready and was capturing every moment. I was still extremely drowsy and couldn’t really express my emotions. I still thought I was dreaming. King weighed only 4.12 lbs and because he was born prematurely, was rushed straight to the NICU. I remember them telling me his weight and thought, that couldn’t be right. Xavier was born 5 weeks early and weighed 7.4lbs and Arien was full term at 7.1lbs. How was this even possible? I felt a lot of guilt thinking that I must’ve done something wrong during my pregnancy. Maybe I worked too much or didn’t eat enough. They did assure me he was simply lacking brown fat that he would’ve gained from the last few weeks of my pregnancy.

This is where things got rough for me. I was numb for hours… What should have only been 2-3 hours at most lasted about 8 hours. I could not move… While this was surprising, I wasn’t scared as I know that we can all react differently to anesthesia. When I was finally able to move, I got my catheter removed and was told to start walking. When you have a c-section, you’re told to move around and not to stay in one position so that the stomach muscles won’t stiffen up… I was only able to take a few steps at a time and it was so much more painful than I remembered from my previous c-sections. Of course, this is understandable because it’s my third c-section and I am a lot older now. By day 2 I was able to take longer steps and even managed to finally walk to the NICU with hubby’s assistance of course. Let me know if you’d like a more detailed post on having a cesarean and things to expect.

I was recommended to start pumping and did so every 2 hrs to keep up with his feedings. I felt a little defeated because I wasn’t producing anything. While the hubby got to go every few hours to feed him a bottle, I was missing my baby. That night, about midnight, I made him wheel me over there…. I got him to latch on even though there was no milk yet and had some much needed skin to skin time. For the next two days, I went back every two hours during the day. The nurses kept insisting I got my rest and suggested I try to sleep at night. I’m so thankful for that. I was so overwhelmed with seeing him in the incubator with tubes and wires all attached that it was good for me to take advantage of the much needed rest. Want to know what’s so cool though? My night nurse was the same nurse that looked after me when I had Xavier & Arien. She was there for all three of my babies :)

After 48hrs, he graduated from his incubator, still attached to a monitor, but in a regular baby bed. Sadly, I was being discharged. They explained that because he was so underweight, they needed to keep him until they saw some weight gain. I was heartbroken. How could I go home without my baby? Of course I cried and cried and begged the nurses to let me have a room, I was willing to pay anything. This hospital did have overnight rooms provided for moms who want to nurse their baby in the NICU, but my nurse strongly suggested that I go home. She told me that I needed to rest from my surgery and because I would stress out more if I were staying at the hospital. She told me to go home come back the next day and see him. Looking back, I’m so glad that I listened to her. We went home and picked up a car seat. We were planning on getting one that weekend but of course never got the chance with his early arrival. I wanted everything to be perfect for when we brought him home. You would’ve never thought I just had a baby, let alone major surgery, with the way I was bending over and scrubbing my floors. My adrenaline really kicks in when I clean.

I got the call the next day that he was cleared to be released…  Those few hours away from the hospital felt like forever and we couldn’t wait to have him home with us. Below are some never before seen photos of the morning we had King. From my labour, to my surgery, to King’s first few breaths… I’m so happy to finally share these.























I hope you enjoyed this. I hope it all makes sense as I wrote this fully sleep deprived with a teething baby. I’m proud to say that King is one healthy, plump and happy baby.