Today we celebrated King’s first birthday and let me tell you it was so overwhelming to see the love from our friends and family. We are really blessed that he is surrounded by so many amazing human beings. I felt like I’ve been planning this day since he was born and to see it come to fruition was bitter sweet… From designing the decor to changing venues the week before, I was more than stressed but with the help of my friends I was able to pull this birthday (which felt more like planning a wedding) off. We went with a Where the Wild Things Are theme based on a popular book from my child hood and it was so perfect because he was King of All the Wild Things. 


Don’t know if you can see in the right corner there but that’s King’s stroller where he slept for more than half of his party. By the time he woke up, he was clinging onto me like a leech and grabbed onto my hair for dear life if anyone came near him. We took off his costume because he wasn’t having it. I tried my best to get as much photos as I could but it was damn near impossible  –  note to self: hire a photographer. Eventually he eased up after eating of course and got comfortable enough to run around to play with the rest of the kids. Oh did I mention, all the kiddies came in their costumes to celebrate Halloween. To say I put them on a sugar overload is an understatement!






I love doing DIY’s and what better time than now. The problem was I work a lot and had a difficult time getting myself to the store. Thankfully, I was able to get most of his things online. I’ve had so many people message me throughout the day asking about his decor so I thought I’d share some of things that I did pick up :) I hope King can appreciate all of the effort that went into this day when he gets older and I’m no longer cool enough for him.

Wooden Backdrop | White Balloons | Wooden Table Cloth | Large Vines | Small VinesWhere the Wild Things Are Book | Burlap Runner | Artificial Plants | Happy Birthday Balloon | Party Crowns | Chalkboard Banner | Tassle Garland 


  • Shilpa Shetty

    Beautiful pictures,.. Wishing the best of everything to king,..