Our family goal this year was to eat healthier togetherI know, big surprise right?! Thing is, eating healthy can take a lot of work. From meal planning, to buying groceries, to prepping and then cooking… Where does a Mom with four boys (Hubby included) find the time?  HelloFresh has been a god send by taking all of that hard work off of my shoulders. All I have to do is simply cook the meal and serve.


I live with a bunch of picky eaters and it can be hard to find just exactly what everyone will eat. Sometimes I would cook 2-3 separate meals just to satisfy their taste buds. With HelloFresh, I’ve included my kids in choosing the recipes to make things easier. Arien loves meals that are full of flavour and Xavier likes something more traditional and hearty. Luckily, the Hubby will eat anything and Baby King is still on the boob. Each week, we’ll go through the recipe list and choose 3 meals to include in our Family Box. The box will come the following week and that’s three nights that I don’t have to plan for. Hallelujah! 

Here’s how HelloFresh works:

1. Amazing recipes are created for you

Each week, the chefs create amazing recipes for you that are easy to prepare and perfect for a well balanced diet.

2. Grocery Shopping? Forget about it!

HelloFresh has got you covered! From creating the recipes and planning the meals, to grocery shopping and even delivering recipes and all of the pre- measured ingredients right to your door!

3. Free delivery!

Who wouldn’t love this?

4. Prepare your delicious meals in the comfort of your home

What better way to get your family to eat healthier than by cooking delicious meals together. Family bonding at it’s finest. Because all of the recipes are pre-measured, all you have to do is follow the step by step guide. What’s even better is that most meals only take 30 minutes to prepare.

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Here are some of the meals we’ve enjoyed preparing so far. There have been many more but we were too anxious to eat them before taking any photos.

Fusilli Al Forno with beef, homemade marinara and fresh ricotta

Pork Schnitzel Fingers with parmesan coleslaw

There are 3 plans to choose from Veggie, Pronto and Family (prices range from $10.83-$12.33 per meal). You also have the option to choose how many mouths to feed and how many meals per week you’d like. I love that fresh and local high quality ingredients are included in each box ensuring that my family only gets the best! The plans are flexible meaning that I can pause for the following week if I’m travelling or not feeling the recipes (this option is available to you as long as you pause before midnight on the Wednesday before the following week’s delivery). We’re looking forward to our next HelloFresh box, it’s so easy to follow that even the Hubby got in the kitchen! For those of you who aren’t so kitchen savvy, this is perfect!


HelloFresh has been so kind to give my readers $30 off your first and $30 off of your second box! Just use the code LELO60 :) Cannot wait to see what you cook in the kitchen! Happy eating!