As a young mother, there’s nothing that inspires me more than my children. I was still a teenager when I had Xavier and it’s amazing how this little person (at the time, not so little anymore since he’s outgrown me quite a bit) inspired me to shoot for the stars and go for my dreams. To work hard, live selflessly and be unapologetically myself. My determination to succeed followed with his brothers and grew stronger each time. It’s amazing to see how they’ve impacted my life so drastically in such a short time. I would not have achieved this level of success and pulled through some tough situations if not for them encouraging me everyday to do better. I guess my point is, one person, big or small can make a world of a difference. I’m was determined to not be what people stereotyped me to me – a teen mother. But this is just my story.

Recently, I had the chance to read Hannah Alper’s book Momentus Small Acts, Big Change. I’ve actually heard of Hannah through my son Arien. Reading her story really reminded me of Craig Kielburger, a children’s rights activist that I actually followed quite a bit as a child. He brought a lot of things to light for me and opened my eyes to a lot of issues I would have never known about and as a child, kept in the dark from. This is what Hannah is doing for my kids and many others now.


Hannah’s extremely passionate about animals and how the environment affects them. From a blog, she’s been able to voice her concerns and create a call to action through like minded individuals. She’s since traveled across North America as a WE Day speaker, grew as an impassioned public speaker and continues to use her voice to help motivate and empower people of all ages to identify their passion and take action for a better world.



This book features a few of her role models who have each impacted the world in their own special way. From Marc & Craig Kielburger to Lilly Singh to Severn Cullis-Suzuki and many more. Hannah shares the stories and journey of these change-makers and how they inspire her and in-turn how they can inspire you to create change.

Both of my older boys have read this book and eventually when King gets older, he’ll read it too. I want them to see that no matter how old they are or how big the problem, they can overcome anything. Hannah has been such an inspiration for myself and kids that this holiday season, I want to share it with two of you. This would be one hell of a gift for anyone.

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