There’s something about the dry, cold air in the winter that my skin hates so much. Reversa has been a staple in my beauty regime and I don’t think I can ever live without the Radiance Cream or Skin Smoothing Lotion so it must come to no surprise to you that I’ve stepped it up once again and added more of their amazing products to my arsenal.



The resurfacing smoothing cream has worked miracles for me as of late because my skin has been nothing but problematic since winter has arrived. If you can recall, I used to get peels and that was my saving grace when I had acneic skin. After having King, it’s difficult to get out of the house let alone dish out hundreds of dollars for peels to get that glowing skin I desperately want..  that ‘me’ money turned into a diaper fund real quick! This product provides me with the same result, if not better in the comfort of my own home. My skin looks fresher, those tiny bumps on my face have nearly diminished and it’s not going to cost me an arm and a leg to maintain the upkeep of my face.

If you’re not familiar with peels or are looking to start something at home, this may be the right product for you. This peel is mild, compared to the ones you would likely get at a dermatologists office (not saying that the peel I got was harsh, it really wasn’t, but this is just an even milder form) … After a few days of use, I’ve noticed a remarkable difference. It contains 10% Glycolic Acid (AHA) which is known for having significant effects against fine lines, wrinkles, brown spots, rough and dull skin and it’s pH of 3.8 ensures the best possible efficacy while minimizing the risk of irritation. It also contains hyaluronic acid, which you know holds up to 1000 times its weight in water and helps to hydrate and plump the skin from within. There’s also Aloe Vera which helps to soothe and provide anti-inflammatory properties… perfect if you have acne prone skin like me.

I like to use this 2-3 times a week at night, depending on how exhausting my week has been.


Key Features

  • Paraben-free
  • Lightly fragranced with plant extracts
  • Smooth and pleasant texture
  • 100 % vegan and cruelty free


  • Eliminates, by exfoliation, the build-up of dead cells causing a dull complexion
  • Stimulates cell turnover
  • Improves skin texture, quickly making it smoother and softer (resurfacing effect)
  • Reduces the appearance of lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone
  • Deeply hydrates, which allows to restore skin volume and fill wrinkles from within
  • Makes complexion visibly brighter and radiant
  • Contains the Time-release Glyco-Comfort™ system to reduce the risk of irritation
  • Elegant and practical airless-pump bottle


I’ve never been committed to a serum. I usually just find what works for me in the moment. Ultimately, I look for something hydrating but when I added Reversa’s anti-spot brightening serum in place of my other serums, it was as if I saw my skin in a new light. Not only does it help to reduce the appearance of brown spots and my pigmented imperfections aka acne scars but I learned that it helps to boost the effects of other anti-aging formulations. So using this in conjunction with the radiance cream creates miracles on my skin. It’s highly concentrated in Vitamin C and plant extracts to help treat those pesky brown spots and after only a few weeks of use, my skin is more even and soon enough, I will have the skin of a 12 year old… okay maybe not but at least my acne scars will have diminished enough.

Key Features

  • Paraben-free, oil-free, perfume-free
  • Hydroquinone-free
  • Without AHA (glycolic acid or other alpha hydroxy acid)
  • Very mild to the skin, suitable for sensitive skin
  • Light and pleasant texture
  • Not tested on animals


  • Visibly reduces the appearance of brown spots and other pigmentary imperfections (acne marks, freckles, pregnancy mask, etc.)
  • Lightens and makes complexion more uniform, enhances its radiance
  • Makes skin smoother and luminous
  • Deeply hydrates
  • Global anti-aging effect by simultaneously reducing the look of other signs of aging such as lines, wrinkles and dry skin
  • Visible results within only 2 weeks of use

I’ve noticed that as I get older, taking care of my skin is on the top of my priority list but when you don’t have the time, it’s reassuring to know that brands like Reversa make it easy and do all the hard work.