I can’t believe that the long weekend is over. It was absolutely perfect weather here in Toronto and I’m so happy to say that I spent most of it outdoors. Of course, to make us miss the weekend even more, Mother Nature decided to kick us while we’re down and bring on the cold. Is there a re-wind button somewhere? As much as I loved the heat, my makeup didn’t as much and I could not wait to take it off at the end of the day.

Simple Skincare’s Cleansing Micellar Water Saves the Day!

After a long day, I love to have squeaky clean skin… which usually requires my insane 30 minute ritual with a copious amount of products. But come on, it was the long weekend and I was exhausted after each day. In comes Simple Skincare’s Cleansing Micellar Water to rescue me. I’ve been testing this out for a few days now and it’s been a dream. I mean, I’ve tried many other cleansing waters, but this right here takes the cake.

How To Use: I pour a generous amount onto a cotton pad and gently swipe it across my face. For my eyes, I let it sit there for a bit longer, then wipe away any traces of eye makeup. I repeat this one more time until there is no makeup left.

Let me tell you, my skin looks and feels clean. This is perfect for those who have extremely sensitive skin like myself. It contains skin-loving ingredients with multi-vitamins, has no harsh chemicals to upset your skin, has no artificial perfumes, is dermatologist tested, hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, and paraben free.

Some additional benefits:
– Thoroughly cleanses skin and hydrates skin
– An effective yet gentle cleanser – does not dry your skin
– Ophthalmologist tested – safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers
– Applied with a contton pad, Cleansing Micellar Water replaces rinsing without leaving behind a residue

For those of you who are unfamiliar with how micellar water works, I love this post here which explains the entire process.

Simple Skincare is available at Walmart and London Drugs. Also online at Well.ca and Amazon.ca for $9.99.

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