I am a city girl through and through but there is something about getting away from the busy streets of Toronto… even for only a few hours that truly puts me at ease. Recently on a press trip with Ford, we headed North of the city to learn more about the latest F-150 trucks and how they have played such a significant role on our local farms. Did you know that Ford is celebrating 100 years of truck history?  Our first stop was on the carrot fields of the Gro-Pak farms where we hand picked carrots, sipped on the best carrot juice and learned how Ford F-150’s have been the truck of choice for this family run farm for the past 3 generations.


Now, the first thing I thought about when riding in the 2018 F-150 King Ranch was… little girl, city streets and big truck… how is this going to work? But seriously, this was one of the smoothest, most comfortable rides I have ever been on. Ford F-150’s have come a long over the last 100 years with ground breaking innovations that will make you wonder why is this truck better than my house? Not only is it powerful with a 3.5L V6 EcoBoost engine, it’s efficient with the Auto Start-Stop to help reduce fuel consumption… but what takes the cake, for me anyways, is the technology built into this truck. Premium audio system, Wi-Fi hot spot, 360 degree camera, cruise control with stop-and-go functionality, pre-collision assist, and so much more. Also the Ford Pass app is sheer brilliance! Remotely start your vehicle and schedule recurring start times, lock and unlock your vehicle remotely, check your approximate odometer reading, fuel level and distance to empty, bonus… you can locate your parked vehicle. Can I add that I thoroughly enjoyed the air-conditioned, massaging seats… yes, you read that right… oh and no need to worry about not having a car charger, I was able to directly plug in and charge my phone on the go easily.

What was cooler than cool is the pro-trailer back-up assist. I got to see this in action and was more than blown away… this makes backing up a trailer so easy that even I can do it. I learned that backing up a trailer is like navigating two vehicles at the same time. While the truck is going in one direction, the trailer is going in another. Ford’s F-150’s are the first to offer this feature where all it takes is a simple rotation of a knob to direct the trailer where you want it to go.

Best-in-class payload up to 3270lbs

We ended the trip with a delicious lunch catered by Daniel et Daniel. It was interesting to learn that Ford is passionate about sustainability and  food by-products, oversupply and other bio-materials are all a part of their renewable materials program. Since 2011, soy foam has been used in the seat cushions and backs, wheat straw, cellulose and rice hulls help reinforce the plastics, and coconut coir is used in the truck mats. They are currently researching and testing many other bio-available products.

A huge thank you to Ford for giving me the opportunity to ride around in the F-150 and wonder why I don’t upgrade my car for something bigger and better. It was such a fun and educational day to say the least.