I always switch up my skincare during the colder months and tend to go for moisturizers that are thicker and heavier. I guess my thinking was the more lustrous the cream, the better my skin will protected and hydrated. I’m amazed at how far skincare has come and I’ve been reaching for a brand staple for many women, Olay.

Olay Age Defying ADVANCED Gel Moisturizer with Hyaluronic Acid

I’ve always been a huge fan of the Olay Age Defying ADVANCED collection. What I love about this moisturizer is that it provides 24hrs of hydration without feeling like I’m suffocating my skin. It’s lightweight and almost has a smooth milky texture. Formulated with hyaluronic acid and B3 it instantly penetrates the surface of the skin and leaves it feeling silky smooth and nourished with hydration. This is a great moisturizer to use before any makeup application because it absorbs so quickly and doesn’t distort the makeup.



Olay Eyes Deep Hydrating Eye Gel with Hyaluronic Acid

I don’t know about you but my eyes always look more tired and dehydrated during the cooler months. It sometimes feels quite sad to see how tired I look most days and it felt impossible to find an eye cream that worked on me. Olay’s Deep Hydrating Eye Gel with Hyaluronic Acid has been such a treat to use because like the moisturizer, it helps to hydrate and plump the delicate skin under my eyes. The hyaluronic acid really works to get rid of that ‘I’ve only slept for 3 hours’ look. It absorbs quickly and the gel formula also has a wonderful cooling effect.



Do you switch up your skincare during the colder months?

What’s what thing you look for?




Disclaimer: I received these products complimentary as a part of the Beauty United program. As always, these are my honest and true opinions.