You may have seen me share this on social media because I am all for anything that will keep my skin clear. If you’re new here, maybe you should look at a few of my older posts as I have suffered terribly with acne for years. I’ve tried this, that and then some just to find what works for me and girl… was it ever a struggle! Of course, it’s calmed down a whole lot but I still do get the occasional blemish, especially with post-baby hormones. Ever since I received Masker Aide’s SPOTTED!  in the mail, I’ve been a more than thrilled to fight back against those little demons that like to pop up on my forehead and chin one.

Formulated with a blend of Salicylic Acid, Volcanic Ash and Tea Tree Oil, these spot patches help to absorb excess oil, while reducing redness and minimize the size of those pesky blemishes. Each box ($25CDN) contains 8 individually wrapped sheets with 96 clear spot patches in total. Each sheet contains 12 clear spot patches in 2 different sizes (see below).  *travel size contains 2 sheets with 24 clear patches in total – $7CDN*


I love that these patches are clear and when on the skin, almost invisible… to my hubby anyways, but that’s all that matters :) I like to keep them on at night and watch them shrink to death by the morning.

 Directions for use:

  1. Cleanse & dry the affected area(s). Peel clear patch off sheet and apply to an active blemish, or any spot where you feel a blemish developing.
  2. Press gently until it adheres to skin and leave on for 8-12 hours or overnight for best results. Do not apply make-up or any other products on top.
  3. Remove patch when done and dispose.



Masker Aide products can be found online or select retailers worldwide.




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