Oh Reversa, how I love thee… When a skincare brand creates amazing products, you can’t help but want more. I was lucky enough to receive some more goodies from Reversa not too long ago and I could not help but fall in love, yet again. Are you surprised? I’ve raved about their skin smoothing body lotion, radiance cream, anti-wrinkle and eye contour cream. What I love is that their products just work for me. Plain and simple. Not only am a huge fan of this skincare line but my Mother and Aunt can’t seem to get enough.


I have very sensitive skin and I find that most cleansers tend to strip the moisture from my face, often leaving it red and tight. I’ve never committed to one cleanser only because I’m always on the hunt to find something that works better than the last. Reversa 3-in-1 mild gel cleanser (200ml – $23) is a facial cleanser, makeup remover and moisturizer all in one. After a long day, I’ve never enjoyed taking my makeup off more than now. This cleanser is absolutely refreshing. My skin, still feels like my skin. It’s extremely gentle, hydrating and only takes away what doesn’t belong on my face. It’s my first step in the morning and my first step at the end of the day. Having a great cleanser really allows your skin to accept other products in your beauty routine the way it’s supposed to.


The anti-spot night care (50ml – $40) is not new to my routine but I can’t help but show more love to this amazing product. For a long time, I’ve had unwanted brown spots on my skin. Yes, I went through my twenties avoiding the use of SPF. Boy, do I regret that. But with consistent use, not only have I minimized those spots but I’ve noticed a few of my fine lines and wrinkles diminish significantly.  20170327411636387

I had to leave the best for last. Say hello to Reversa’s Skin Smoothing Cream (50ml – $38). This gem contains 8% glycolic acid which helps to increase cell turnover to leave the skin looking healthy and younger. When I get asked how I still look 20, I’m smiling from ear to ear then tell them… it’s Reversa baby! This can be used daily but I’ve been using it more as a mask about 2 times a week. I take a generous amount and leave it on my face and neck for about 20 mins, then rub in the excess into my skin. Let me tell you, I wake up with skin so smooth that King’s little baby’s butt would be jealous! This is a game changer for real!



What are some game changer products for you? Do you have a brand that you just cannot live without? Inquiring minds need to know :)




*Product(s) in this post were provided for consideration. As always, these are my honest opinions.