I’m Lelo!


I’m what you would call the quintessential supermom. I live and breathe makeup, dabble a bit into the fashion world and I’m obsessed with analytical chemistry. Some people think I’m a nut because my schedule is always go-go-go. Sitting still is not an option.

With Lelo is my outlet to share my hopes and dreams, things I love and how I run my crazy life. To break it down for you, I’m a freelance makeup and hair artist based in Toronto, Canada with a Chemical Engineering background & raising two teens and a baby (all boys). I also live with my boyfriend who may or may not feel like my fourth child at times. My life can seem hectic and I often wonder how I manage, but a little faith and post-its notes can go a long way.

I hope you’ll join me on this journey and share my views on beauty, fashion and life in general. 

Need a makeup/hair artist for a special event or just because, please take a look at my portfolio Lelo Artistry and I’d love to connect with you. Send all makeup and hair related inquiries to