Last week I went a little HAM at Deciem | The Abnormal Beauty Company. I’ve always heard great things about this brand but it wasn’t until they arrived at The Shopping Channel that I knew I had to get my hands on them. What I love about Deciem is that they have an umbrella of brands that all have a bit of science-y aspects to them. Having a chemistry background this just really made me drool to the core. I went in looking for a great moisturizer and walked out with something for every part of my body. Crazy, you might think but at least it didn’t break the bank! Everything you see in the above photos only set me back less than $120 and that’s with the tax. Peep below to see exactly what I bought and why.


One thing my skin screams for is hydration. When it’s not properly moisturized, my skin looks like a shit show. No seriously. I hate it. It’s dull, uneven and I look like I haven’t slept in days. Not to mention break I out like a mutha.  I picked up Hylamide Sensitive Fix ($20 CAD) because I was in desperate need of a new serum. This caught my eye not only for it’s ability to target sensitive skin irritation but it also soothes, hydrates and reduces the redness. My skin tends to flare up when I’m working with clients as powders and hairspray residue is always floating around in the air. So the pH-balancing golden-eye grass complex really helps with how sensitive and irritated my skin can feel throughout the day. The Ordinary Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA ($5.80 CAD) was a no brainer. I’ve had multiple blogger friends rave about this so I had to get my hands on it.


Natural Moisturizing Factors (NMF) are elements that keep the outer layer of the skin protected and well-hydrated. NMF are made up of multiple amino acids, fatty acids, triglycerides, urea, ceramides, phospholipids, glycerin, saccharides, sodium PCA, hyaluronic acid and many other compounds that are naturally present in the skin.

This formula offers non-greasy hydration that acts as a direct topical supplement of impaired NMF components. It contains 11 amino acids, phospholipids, alpha/beta/gamma fatty acids, triglycerides, sterols and sterol esters, glycerin, ceramide precursors, urea, saccharides, sodium PCA and hyaluronic acid. It offers immediate hydration and lasting results with continued use.


One thing that was missing in my beauty routine was a good toner. To be honest, I didn’t know much about toners and maybe that’s why my skin has been shitty all these years but I was happy when the rep recommended Hylamide Hydra-Density Mist ($18 CAD) to me. It’s so refreshing and my skin instantly feels hydrated. I think this is also a perfect to carry in your purse for the perfect pick-me-up for your skin.



Marine Exopolysaccharides with Glucuronic Acid

Concentrates hydration density with a higher water-retaining capacity than hyaluronic acid, offering immediate and lasting oil-free hydration.

Purified Green Tea Polyphenols and Golden Eye Grass Root

Synergistic plant biotechnology soothes the skin immediately and reduces signs of irritation.

Tasmanian Pepperberry

Reduces signs of inflammation and of redness, leaving the skin feeling calm and looking rested.


Now, I couldn’t just leave the rest of my body hanging right? You all know by now that I suffer from icthyosis and kp. Naturally, I was intrigued by The Chemistry Brand’s Heel Chemistry ($15 CAD). My skin issues are especially bad on my legs and you won’t believe the amount of creams, acids and god knows what I’ve done to try to remove that hardened skin. Since I’m all for trying new things, I thought this couldn’t hurt. It absorbs instantly and has a minty cool feeling to it. I was told I’d see results after about 2 weeks but having only been 1 week, I must say that I am quite impressed. I’ll keep you posted on full results soon. I also picked up the Extreme Hydration Concentrate ($20 CAD) to help hydrate and protect all other areas of my body, especially my hands. Being a makeup artist and Mum to a new baby, I’m constantly washing my hands. It’s always dry and I hate using creams that leave it feeling like a greasy mess only to feel dry again in a few hours. This is different. The best way that I can describe it is that it’s like nothing I’ve ever used before.


Unlike traditional heel creams which focus on removing the hard skin, our 19.5% active complex hydrates the cracked skin topically whilst supporting below surface hydration to avoid the traditional hard skin cycle. Contains a marine complex clinically proven to improve visible skin texture and hydration, while counteracting extreme dryness. This formula contains no urea and no acids.


Ultra-concentrated hydration complex contains five hydration active technologies from marine and plant sources that provide lasting hydration to the skin, offering dramatic visible textural improvements. Expect results immediately, in 24 hours and in 10 days with continued use.


My final purchase was not for myself but for my makeup artist kit. I love Hylamide’s Matte 12 ($25 CAD). I needed something that would be mattifying, yet did not dehydrate the skin or affect the makeup application. A lot of times, mattifying primers pill or turn white on ethnic skin. I love that this doesn’t compromise the integrity of the makeup and allows the skin to stay matte for about 12 hrs even on dry skin.


<H2>Have you tried any products from Deciem? Let me know what your thoughts are. </H2>